Unifying the queer community through food

One plate at a time


What does being Queer have to do with food? 

Food is universal — it is one of the only things that connects us all, regardless of who you are or where you come from. Dependent on how you identify, your identities can or cannot define who you are. Here at This Queer Kitchen™ we believe the marriage between food and culture is intrinsic to queer life.

As a monthly pop-up, This Queer Kitchen ™ facilitates connections in the queer community, through sharing and bonding with food. We focus on highlighting the importance of food as community-building agent and roundtable for discussion, skill-building, and networking. Additionally, we want to challenge social constructs our community may face. We want to nourish your body and your mind.

We coordinate events, such as cooking classes, inclusive culinary dinners, and fundraising happy hours to connect YOU to a queer safe space, with food at the forefront.

Let's redefine food, together.

For media, press and opportunities of involvement, please contact us at Gabrielle [at] thisqueerkitchen.com

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Who we are

A group of hungry, queer individuals who seek to build and foster genuine connections. It all started when we realized there are little defined queer safe spaces for queer chefs and individuals to cook, eat and learn from each other. We expanded in early 2019 to encompass a variety of food-focused events such as fundraising happy hours and networking opportunities, culinary storytelling (e.g. through drag), and cooking and art exploratory classes.

Gabrielle Lenart, founder, has a B.S in food science from The Pennsylvania State University and is getting her Masters at New York University in Food Studies. Her background is in marketing, media, and entrepreneurship and she is currently the James Beard Foundation Media Intern. Additionally, she is the Circulation and Sales Director for Dish Rag Magazine. In her free time you can find her munching her way through New York City or at local queer food & activism events.


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