FACILITATING connections in the queer community through food

One plate at a time


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What does being Queer have to do with food? 

Food is universal — it is one of the only things that connects us all, regardless of who you are or where you come from. Here at This Queer Kitchen™ we believe the marriage between food and culture is intrinsic to queer life.

This Queer Kitchen’s ™ mission is to facilitate connections in the queer community through food. We hope to foster a safe and inclusive environment, with a focus on highlighting the importance of food as a community-building agent and roundtable for discussion, skill-building, and networking. We want to connect YOU to a queer safe space, with food at the forefront.

Our goals consist of three pillars:

I. To promote, facilitate, engage, create, protect, support, fund and visit queer safe spaces using food as the medium

II. To remain accessible to ALL communities, especially those in the womxn, non-binary, trans+, disabled, and QTPOC community

III. To educate, workshop and build awareness of specific constructs our community my face

We coordinate events without being constrained to a specific format. Our previous events include but are not limited to drag queen cookie decorating, food and sex+ positivity workshops, fundraising happy hours, and queer womxn in food storytelling and many more!

We hope to nourish your body and your mind.

~Gabrielle Lenart, Founder

Who we Are

A group of hungry, queer individuals who seek to build and foster genuine connections. It all started when we realized there are little defined queer safe spaces for those in the food space (& lovers of food!) to cook, eat and learn from each other. We expanded in early 2019 to encompass a variety of food-focused events such as fundraising happy hours and networking opportunities, culinary storytelling (e.g. through drag, womxn, etc.), and cooking and art exploratory classes. 

Gabrielle Lenart, Founder/CEO   Photo Credit: EDL Photography

Gabrielle Lenart, Founder/CEO

Photo Credit: EDL Photography

Gabrielle Lenart

Gabrielle Lenart is a Brooklyn-based entrepreneur, food writer, and media marketing consultant. She graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 2017 with a B.S. in food science, with concentrations in sensory science and entrepreneurship. She is currently pursuing her masters in Food Studies at New York University, with a special interest in food media. Her previous careers consist of media intern and freelancer for the James Beard Foundation, media and marketing coordination for an online vegan bakery start-up as well as marketing and market research for an international company. In her free time, she enjoys going to local queer community activist events and traveling the world to explore new cultures and cuisines.

Jessie Yu Chen, Operations and Logistics Manager

Jessie Yu Chen, Operations and Logistics Manager

Jessie Yu Chen

Jessie YuChen Tsai is a New York City-based chef, food stylist, food writer and current Food Studies student at The New School with degrees in nutrition and culinary arts. She kicked off her career in the food industry working in the kitchen on the opening team of a new Jamie Oliver restaurant in Taipei. She is the current intern at Saveur Magazine. She spends her free time cooking and assisting food-related projects in NYC, such as This Queer Kitchen, while managing student life. 


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