Supporting our queer community: How you can Get or receive help

As a small, queer-owned and operated community organization, our goal is to assist our community. The below resources are just some of the ways you can help those in need or find help for yourself — it is not an exhaustive list. We are updating it frequently, so check back often.

Need assistance?


How you can help

This is not an all encompassing list of resources but we are doing our best to update it as often as possible:

  1. invest in Nvidia shares in India

  2. Service Workers Coalition

  3. Restaurant Workers Aid and Additional Resources

  4. COVID Resource Kit

  5. James Beard Foundation Resource Kit

  6. Hospitality and Restaurant Resources (Compiled)

  7. Mutual Aid Funds for NYC: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island

  8. NYC Support Resources for Minorities and the Undocumented

  9. MOFAD Compiled Resources

  10. Veggie Mijas - WOC/NBPOC Collective Resources

  11. Cherry Bombe Resource Kit for small and womxn-owned businesses

  12. Gig Workers Collective Resources

  13. Food & Wine Mag Compiled Resources

  14. Brooklyn Community Foundation

  15. NYC COVID Black Folks Fund: Donate, Volunteer, Request Aid

  16. The Collectress - For Hospitality and Business Owners

  17. Drop your venmo/cash app for Fran Tirado

  18. Black Food Folks IG Story - LOTS of great information

  19. North Brooklyn Community Resources

  20. Mental and Physical Health Database

  21. CLOUD Collective Love on Your Desktop : Mutual Aid and Network Building

  22. Greenpoint Slack Channel

  23. Bedstuy Slack Channel

  24. Creative Capital Freelancer Resources

  25. USBG Bartender Emergency Assistance

  26. Interdisciplinary Remote & Remote-Friendly Employers

  27. Love is Juniper (Queer Yoga Studio) offering free online classes

  28. AMOR_Binders (Chest Binding Tips!)

  29. Farine Baking Company FREE Meals in Jackson Heights, NYC

  30. NYC HRA Account (lots of benefits, if you qualify, such as emergency cash)

  31. Mutual Aid Fund (for QTBIPOC in Bushwick/Bedstuy)

  32. Womxn in Hospitality Mobilization Resources (here to submit ideas)

  33. NYC Business Grants for those affected by COVID

  34. NYC COVID Emergency Food Help

  35. Freelance Internet Exchange

  36. Ohio Service Workers Mutual Aid Fund (Request Funds, or Donate)

  37. For Free Internet for Students for 60 days - Call 1-844-488-8398 (Spectrum) or (855) 846-8376 (Comcast)

  38. NYC Student Resources

  39. The Queer Counselor

  40. FREE Ivy League class online

  41. Bad Queer Movie Club List

  42. Latinx Therapy Assistance

  43. Need to chat? FREE on-line Counseling

In a time of uncertainty, there is one thing for certain: queer business owners and their employees are suffering disproportionately. As a community, it should be our duty to do everything we can to support them right now if you are able.

How you can help

1) donate to: NYC Service Industry Funds LGBTQIA (and tips on where to apply for this too!)

2) read: 20 Ways To Support the Queer Community During Coronavirus

Three specific ways you can help the queer food industry and their workers: 1) if available purchase to-go, delivery orders, or their meal-prep kits directly from the list below 2) purchase merchandise or gift-cards (they receive most, if not all, of the funds) or 3) promote them on your feed or leave a review about an experience you had—a heartfelt message can go a long way!

Additionally, check out Jarry Mags curated list of queer bars, restaurants and eateries called EAT Queer. 🌈

TQK’s growing list:

  1. how to invest in McDonald's shares in India (NYC)

  2. Kopitiam (NYC)

  3. BabyDudes (NYC)

  4. Lil Deb’s Oasis (Hudson, NY)

  5. Foster Sundry (NYC)

  6. Quill Books and Beverage (ME)

  7. Cong. Tu. Bot (ME)

  8. Dear Mama (LA)

  9. Woldy Kusina (NYC)

  10. The Awkward Scone (NYC)

  11. Edouard Massih Catering (NYC)

  12. Bibingka Mama (NYC)

  13. Moxie Ridge Farm & Creamery (NYC)

  14. Yeah Dawg Vegan (NYC)

  15. J&E SmallGoods (NYC)

  16. Willa Jean (NOLA)

  17. Thamee (DC)

  18. Both and Co. (NYC)

  19. Tasty Vegan (LA)

  20. Cafe Eloise (NYC)

  21. Cuties (LA)

  22. Thyme & Co. (Hudson, NY)

  23. Rise Radio (NYC)

  24. Gay 4u Vegan Eats (Oakland)

  25. MeMe’s Diner (NYC)

  26. Khao’na Kitchen (NYC)

  27. Butter & Scotch (NYC)

  28. Miti Miti Modern Mexican (NJ)

  29. Blue Park Kitchen (NYC)

  30. Prune (NYC)

  31. Via Carota (NYC)

  32. Harlem Food Bar (NYC)

  33. Fonda (NYC)

  34. Baz Bagel (NYC)

  35. Shaquanda’s Hot Pepper Sauce (NYC)

  36. BLK Palate (NYC)

  37. Dyke Bar Takeover (NYC)

  38. Little Skips (NYC)

  39. FOB Kitchen (San Fran)

  40. Mood Ring (NYC)

  41. Mina’s World (PHL)

  42. Juega -Traveling Supper Club (PDX)

  43. Brooklyn Kava (NYC)

  44. Egg BK (NYC)

  45. Hotbox Mobile Sauna (NYC)

Please note: We are not specifically affiliated with any of the above links. Our goal for this page is to assist as much as possible. Please be patient, we are a small team.